CHANT AT THE MOON DAY – August 15, 2023

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Summer casts its enchanting spell with its long sunlit days and lingering nights. On August 15th, an invitation echoes across the nation, summoning thousands to unite in a celestial chorus during the celebration known as Chant at the Moon Day.

This annual spectacle draws inspiration from the Wenatchee, Washington-based fruit grower, Stemilt’s. Local folklore weaves a tale that harvesting Stemilt’s cherries under the full moon bestows upon them an extra dose of sweetness. The moon’s gravitational dance enriches the very roots that cradle these cherries. Stemilt recognized this natural wonder and deemed it worthy of jubilation—an ode to this heightened sweetness. So, gather your companions, and with hearts as luminous as the moon, unleash your most harmonious lunar melodies!


Engage in Festivities for Chant at the Moon Day Organize a Gather-to-Chant Event Enlist your pals for a nocturnal picnic beneath the twinkling stars. After indulging in a delightful feast, let your voices unite in spirited chants. Just remember to keep the exuberant chanting within respectful limits to avoid inconveniencing the neighbors!

Savor Cherries Beneath the Moon’s Glow No celebration of Chant at the Moon Day can be considered complete without indulging in the very fruit that sparked its inception. Prepare for your chant-filled escapade by relishing sweet cherries as the moon gracefully takes its place in the night sky. Offer gratitude for the bounty of summer’s fruits that enrich our lives.

Delve into Lunar Lore Ever wondered about the moon’s vastness? Mark the occasion by delving into captivating facts about our wondrous solar system. Prepare to astonish yourself, and perhaps more significantly, to leave an impression on your fellow Chant at the Moon companions!


Discover the Fascinating World of Cherries: 5 Astonishing Facts

  1. Altitude Alters Harvest Timing For every 100-foot increase in elevation, the cherry harvest is postponed by a day. This intriguing phenomenon explains why Stemilt’s moon cherries are plucked during the later stages of summer.
  2. Sunrise Harvest for Moon Cherries In the early hours of sunrise, moon cherries are carefully harvested. The fragility of these cherries necessitates a gentle touch and the preservation of their natural radiance.
  3. Washington’s Cherry Dominance An astonishing 62% of sweet cherries grown in the U.S. flourish in Washington. This state, in tandem with California and Oregon, contributes a staggering 94% of the nation’s sweet cherry yield.
  4. Nutritional Wonders in Every Cup A single cup of cherries contains fewer than 90 calories. However, this same cup is brimming with 3 grams of fiber. This fiber content not only aids digestion but also manages cholesterol levels, regulates blood sugar, and supports weight loss goals.
  5. Anthocyanins: The Hue and Heart Guardian Cherries owe their vibrant red hue to anthocyanins, compounds that play a pivotal role in safeguarding the heart and its neighboring tissues. These protective elements contribute to cherries’ remarkable health benefits.

The Reasons We Hold Affection for Chant at the Moon Day

The Charms of Chant at the Moon Day

  1. Embracing the Great Outdoors Amidst the allure of summer evenings, Chant at the Moon Day beckons us outdoors, encouraging a delightful rendezvous with nature. It’s a cherished chance to bask in the beauty of the open sky.
  2. Unleashing Our Playful Side When was the last time we truly let our inner wildness run free, reverberating in primal chants? Chant at the Moon Day unlocks the gates to unbridled silliness, providing an outlet to unwind and unleash our inner jesters. Gather your comrades and orchestrate the zaniest chants; you might even want to capture the hilarity on film for future laughs!
  3. Savoring the Season’s Culinary Delights An abundance of cherries, peaches, and nectarines await in August—the delightful finales of the summer fruit parade. Chant at the Moon Day acts as a delightful reminder to relish these nature-crafted treats, stocking up on the essence of sunshine before we bid adieu for a yearlong wait.


Mark Your Calendars for Chant at the Moon Day

Year | Date | Day

2023 | August 15 | Tuesday

2024 | August 15 | Thursday

2025 | August 15 | Friday

2026 | August 15 | Saturday

2027 | August 15 | Sunday


When is National Moon Day celebrated?

On July 20th, we observe National Moon Day, a momentous celebration of the monumental space journey, lunar touchdown, and secure homecoming of the Apollo 11 crew. This date holds profound importance in the annals of human history, and it offers fascinating revelations about our planet’s natural satellite.

What event is commemorated on July 20th?

National Moon Day is observed on July 20th every year, specifically to honor the anniversary of the first human landing on the Moon. On July 20, 1969, astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin achieved the remarkable feat of stepping onto the lunar surface during NASA’s Apollo 11 mission.

What is another term for Moon Day?

Another term used to describe this occasion is “Lunar Landing Day.” It is a day to acknowledge and celebrate the momentous achievement of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin becoming the first individuals to set foot on the Moon’s surface on July 20, 1969.
Additionally, a lunar day can also refer to the period between successive moonrises or when the Moon reaches its highest point in the sky in a specific location on Earth. This period is slightly longer than a standard Earth day, usually extending about 50 minutes due to the Moon’s orbital movement around the Earth in the same direction as the Earth’s rotation.

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