International Cat Day – August 8, 2023

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Every August 8th, we celebrate International Cat Day, a unique opportunity to pay homage to one of humanity’s most ancient and enduring companions: the cat. These fascinating creatures were even revered as deities, as famously witnessed in ancient Egypt. It’s no wonder, considering that cats are among the most remarkable entities in the world. They embody independence, curiosity, and a fearless spirit of exploration. With their captivating physical features, cats possess an innate ability to captivate us. Additionally, they hold a unique knack for self-healing, showcasing their resilience and vitality, except for a few instances.


International Cat Day 2023 falls on August 8th, serving as a day of recognition for our enigmatic and furry feline friends.



The history of International Cat Day is deeply rooted in the relationship between humans and these carnivorous, furry mammals with four legs, tails, and claws. Having been domesticated since ancient times, they trace their lineage to the African Wildcat and were initially valued for their prowess in controlling vermin.

The earliest documented interactions with cats appear within the culture of Ancient Egyptian Civilization. The profound admiration and reverence they held for these creatures is well-known, especially due to their elevated status as divine beings. Mafdet, the initial cat deity, was hailed as a guardian against snakes, scorpions, and malevolent forces during the First Dynasty, attributing cats with not only godly significance but also protective qualities.

As civilizations evolved, cats gained popularity across various regions. The Greeks and Romans harnessed their abilities for pest management, while the wealthy in the East kept them as cherished companions. The Middle Ages in Europe, however, saw cats fall under shadows of superstition and suspicion, linked to disease propagation during the Black Death of 1348. This misconception led to a widespread massacre of cats, and it wasn’t until the 1600s that their reputation began to rehabilitate.

In the Americas, cats journeyed aboard colonization ships to curb vermin and diseases, eventually establishing thriving populations on land. Presently, cats have emerged as cultural icons, boasting a global populace of approximately half a billion. Their significance is underscored by International Cat Day, a commemoration initiated by the “International Fund for Animal Welfare” in 2002.

Since August 3, 2020, stewardship of International Cat Day transitioned to International Cat Care, a preeminent feline welfare organization. Since 1958, they’ve ardently combated cruelty, ignorance, and misconceptions to enact positive transformations in cats’ lives. With an estimated 600 million cats globally, half of which lack ownership, their mission has taken on heightened importance. To delve deeper into their endeavors, visit their official website.


International Cat Day rolls out the red carpet for our beloved feline companions, treating them like true royalty. While most days already see them receiving special attention, this occasion takes pampering to a whole new level.

As the most discerning members of our households, cats are at the center of the festivities. Their every whim and fancy is indulged, from acquiring their preferred treats and luxurious catnip to providing outlets for their shredding urges. This day grants them permission to serenade the world with their melodious wails and even allows for tuning in to their preferred TV programming (yes, there are internet videos featuring cats captivated by “Tom and Jerry”).

However, the fortunate circumstances of all cats aren’t the same. For those without secure homes, International Cat Day serves as a platform to rally support. Donations pour in for animal shelters and welfare organizations, aiming to alleviate the hardships faced by stray cats, who often endure cruelty and injuries from accidents and other perils. This day also sees the heartwarming act of cat adoption, as new homes open their doors to these furry friends. This act of kindness is particularly poignant when children welcome their first-ever pet into their lives.


Let’s explore International Cat Day through some intriguing statistics:

• 18%: Proportion of households in the U.K. presided over by a feline ruler.

• 9,500: The remarkable number of years that have passed since the existence of the oldest-known pet cat.

• 70%: The astonishing percentage of a cat’s lifespan is dedicated to restful slumber.

• 20: The duration, in years, during which an orange cat named ‘Stubbs’ dutifully served as the mayor of a quaint Alaskan town.

• 48.5: The impressive measurement, in inches, marking the longest cat ever recorded.

• 19.05: The exceptional measurement, in inches, denoting the height of the tallest cat in recorded history.

• £7 million: The astounding net worth of the world’s wealthiest feline.

• 1963: The significant year when a courageous cat embarked on a successful journey to space.

• 30 mph: The maximum velocity achieved by a domestic cat in a sprint.



Engage in Meaningful Activities on International Cat Day:

  1. Extend a Helping Paw: Dedicate this day to making a difference for homeless cats worldwide. Offer food and essential supplies to those in need, demonstrating care and compassion.
  2. Cherish Moments with Your Feline Friends: If you’re a cat parent, seize the opportunity to bond and create joyful memories with your beloved furry companions. Shower them with affection and special attention.
  3. Embrace “Catness”: Regardless of personal preferences, acknowledge the value of all cats by treating them with empathy and courtesy. Utilize this occasion to raise awareness about respecting these creatures, using your social media platform as a tool for education and enlightenment.


Prepare to Be Amazed by These 5 Mind-Blowing Cat Facts:

  1. Purr Powerhouse: Meet Merlin, the Black and White Cat hailing from the U.K., who holds the record for the loudest purr on record, registering at an impressive 67.8 decibels.
  2. Lightning Speed: Don’t underestimate your feline friend’s agility. These seemingly serene creatures can clock speeds of up to 30 miles per hour!
  3. The Fortune Kitty: “Guinness World Records” reveals a jaw-dropping tale: When Blackie’s affluent owner passed away, the fortunate feline inherited a staggering fortune of 7 million pounds.
  4. Sweetness Sensor: Cats possess an intriguing trait – they’re unable to perceive sweetness. This peculiarity explains why they show no interest in sugary delights.
  5. Human-Targeted Meows: Scientifically intriguing, cats utilize their distinctive meows exclusively to communicate with humans. This charming behavior sets them apart, with the exception of their interactions with their mothers during kittenhood.


Why International Cat Day Holds a Special Place in Our Hearts:

  1. Celebration of Life: This day serves as a beautiful testament to our affinity for all living creatures. It showcases humanity’s capacity to extend love and regard to not only fellow humans but also the diverse array of life forms, particularly our cherished feline companions.
  2. Gentle Reminder: Amid our bustling lives, it’s easy to adopt a self-centric perspective. However, International Cat Day stands as a gentle reminder that our existence is shared with a multitude of beings. By honoring this day, we acknowledge the importance of respecting the rights and well-being of all creatures, starting with the furry friends that share our homes.
  3. Stress Alleviators with Fur: The scientific evidence is clear: Cats possess a remarkable ability to enhance our mental well-being. Merely spending time with these furry companions can trigger the release of stress-reducing hormones in our bodies. Engaging in the simple act of petting a cat brings about a soothing effect that contributes to better mental health.


Mark Your Calendar for International Cat Day:

  • 2023: August 8 (Tuesday)
  • 2024: August 8 (Thursday)
  • 2025: August 8 (Friday)
  • 2026: August 8 (Saturday)
  • 2027: August 8 (Sunday)


Why is International Cat Day celebrated?

The celebration of International Cat Day occurs annually with the aim of raising awareness about the care and safeguarding of these small creatures. Originating in 2002, the day was introduced by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) to shed light on the global challenges faced by cats and to emphasize their positive impact in improving the world around us.

Why August 8 is Cat Day?

The inception of International Cat Day on August 8 is attributed to the efforts of the International Fund for Animal Welfare. Notably, French archaeologists uncover a significant cat burial site dating back 9,500 years in Cyprus. Additionally, the beloved character Pusheen is brought to life by artists Claire Belton and Andrew Duff as a central figure in their webcomic “Everyday Cute.”

Where is National Cat Day?

National Cat Day is observed in both the United States and Canada, serving as an awareness day to promote cat adoption. In Canada, it falls on August 8, while in the United States, it takes place on October 29.

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