Manchester United: VAR missed ‘blatant’ Onana foul in Man United win – O’Neil

Wolverhampton Wanderers have been offered an apology after a penalty was not awarded during their 1-0 loss to Manchester United, according to their manager, Gary O’Neil.
In stoppage time at Old Trafford, André Onana collided with Sasa Kalajdzic, but the on-field referee, Simon Hooper, did not declare a penalty.
After a review, VAR Michael Salisbury examined the incident and concluded that it did not constitute a clear and obvious error, leading to no penalty being given. However, Gary O’Neil claimed that Jonathan Moss, the Select Group 1 Manager of the PGMOL, later admitted it was a mistake.
“I was informed during the live interaction that they did not perceive it as an unmistakable and evident mistake,” O’Neil conveyed. “Nevertheless, following my discussion with Jonathan Moss – and I commend his honesty – he has conveyed his remorse and acknowledged that a clear penalty should have been rightfully given.”
“I feel remorseful because he’s been forthright. I spent the afternoon with him, trying to grasp the new guidelines and attempting not to get a booking under the new rules, which I didn’t manage.
“Credit to Jon for acknowledging that it was a clear mistake. He can’t believe the on-field referee missed it, and VAR didn’t step in. That probably makes my disappointment even more profound. When you know you’re right, it’s disheartening to walk away with nothing.”

Manchester United
Manchester United

Despite launching 23 shots, including six on target, Wolves found themselves unfortunate not to secure a favorable result against United. O’Neil conveyed his concern, suggesting that Onana’s challenge had the potential to endanger their striker’s well-being. However, United’s manager, Erik ten Hag, held a differing perspective.
“Given VAR’s evaluation and their choice not to award the penalty, we naturally find it gratifying,” Ten Hag commented. I don’t find it necessary to address his [O’Neil’s] interpretation. The focal point remains on the referee and VAR.
“In my view, the collision between the two Wolves players occurred, and Andre’s involvement did not disrupt their interaction. Initially, the ball was in play, followed by Andre’s engagement.”

Raphaël Varane secured the sole goal in the Premier League opener for both squads, propelling Ten Hag’s side to a triumphant start to their season with a complete three-point haul.
The Wolves’ shot count marked the second-highest recorded against United at Old Trafford in the last two decades. O’Neil attributed this achievement to his team’s attacking confidence.
“Above all, we should not exclusively center our attention on that [penalty] verdict,” stressed O’Neil.” O’Neil emphasized. “Our performance encompasses a larger context. To arrive at Old Trafford, register the highest number of shots by any team since 2005, and assert dominance after only four days of training is truly commendable. The players genuinely warranted more tonight.”

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