NATIONAL BEACH DAY – August 30, 2023

National Beach Day: Introduction, Timeline, Activities, Why We Love, Upcoming Dates.

Who doesn’t adore a delightful day by the seashore? Embrace your love for the coastline on August 30th, National Beach Day. Originating in 2014, this occasion heightens our appreciation for the allure of beaches while also emphasizing the importance of preserving their cleanliness and safety.

Here’s how you can contribute: Once you’ve relished your time at the beach, leave no trace behind. Prevent animals from becoming ensnared or entangled in litter, whether on the shore or in the water. So, go ahead, swim, dive, surf, and revel in the world’s aquatic playgrounds. Just remember to play your role in safeguarding one of our most treasured natural assets — our beaches.


1948 Establishment of the Clean Water Act The Clean Water Act is enacted, establishing standards for water quality and pollution control to ensure the cleanliness of America’s waters, including its beaches.

1972 Introduction of the Coastal Zone Management Act The Coastal Zone Management Act is introduced with the aim of “preserving, protecting, developing, and when feasible, restoring or enhancing the resources of the nation’s coastal zone.”

2000 Enactment of the BEACH Act The BEACH Act is passed, requiring the EPA to formulate criteria for testing, monitoring, and notifying the public about potential issues with coastal recreation water.


Keep Sunscreen Handy The sun’s rays reflect off the ocean, intensifying their impact on your skin. While enjoying the outdoors, you expose yourself to significant UV (ultraviolet) rays. Safeguard your skin by applying sunscreen. This not only prevents sunburns and discomfort but also helps protect against premature aging.

Host a Beach BBQ and Clean-Up Event Gather your friends for an eco-friendly gathering at the beach. Prepare ample hot dogs and favorite beach snacks for your guests. Bring along a volleyball, football, or even a guitar for some summertime entertainment. After the festivities, ensure to clean up the area and spend time picking up any additional litter on the beach.

Organize a Beach-Themed Party Even if you’re not near the coast, you can still embrace the beach vibe. Transform your backyard into a seaside celebration. Serve refreshing cocktails adorned with colorful paper umbrellas. Grill delicious kebabs and slice up juicy watermelon. Create a cozy dining area with beach blankets and towels. Elevate the fun with games like limbo and cornhole, providing your guests with the complete beach experience!


Promoting Environmental Awareness Simple, small actions can wield significant influence over the well-being of beaches and oceans. Adjusting habits, such as walking more and adopting fluorescent light bulbs, can contribute to reducing your carbon footprint. Minimize the use of plastic products, as they often find their way into water bodies, causing harm to coastal ecosystems.

Embracing Outdoor Activity The beach serves as a boundless playground for outdoor enthusiasts. Dive into the ocean for a refreshing swim, letting the saltwater invigorate your skin. Bask in the sun’s rays on a beach towel, allowing your skin to soak up vitamin D. Set up a net for a friendly game of beach volleyball. Pack a delightful picnic and relish the chance to witness the mesmerizing sunset over the water’s horizon.

Supporting Beach-Related Organizations Numerous organizations are dedicated to maintaining clean and enjoyable beaches year-round. Initiatives like Save Our Beach focus on educating individuals, companies, schools, and organizations about their environmental impact on communities and the planet. Many beachside communities boast advocacy groups that champion eco-friendly behavior. If you reside near a beach, explore local organizations and consider volunteering.


Year Date Day

2023 August 30 Wednesday

2024 August 30 Friday

2025 August 30 Saturday

2026 August 30 Sunday

2027 August 30 Monday

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