NATIONAL FAJITA DAY – August 18, 2023

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Prepare for a sizzling sensation as August 18 marks National Fajita Day. Embrace the true essence of the Southwest with the festive and flavorful fiesta of fajitas. Let the grill work its magic on succulent steak, and complement it with delightful black beans. Elevate the experience with dashes of hot sauce, guacamole, sour cream, or cheese – the culinary possibilities are boundless. With National Fajita Day upon us, the mission is clear: indulge in the irresistible allure of fajitas, a celebration of taste that demands to be savored!”


Delving into the annals of Tex-Mex culture, the fajita emerges as a culinary icon that has captured hearts far and wide. However, its origins trace back to a modest genesis that carries a touch of intrigue.

The roots of the fajita concept can be traced to the early 1930s when Texan Mexican vaqueros fashioned the fajita from less-desirable cuts of beef – a portion of their compensation for labor. Resourcefully using these tougher cuts, they particularly favored the delectable skirt steak. These cuts were expertly grilled over open flames and paired with flour or corn tortillas, alongside pico de gallo, guacamole, and the vibrant flavors of southwestern spices. What began as a practical, economical meal for laborers soon transformed into a local staple, captivating palates anew.

During that era, several establishments vied for the distinction of being the birthplace of the fajita, a testament to the dish’s widespread appeal. In the late 1960s, Sonny Falcon entered the scene, becoming renowned as “The Fajita King” for his resounding success in popularizing fajitas among the masses.

The fajita narrative further unfolds with notable milestones, such as Ninfa’s restaurant introducing its rendition in 1973 and Austin’s La Vista restaurant gracing its menu with “sizzling fajitas” in 1982. The inception of National Fajita Day itself can be attributed to the ingenuity of the On the Border restaurant chain, celebrating the unrivaled allure of this dish. If this riveting history hasn’t sparked your appetite, it’s hard to fathom what could.


1930s Origin Story Mexican ranch workers in Texas craft a precursor to fajitas using economical beef cuts.

1969 Pioneering Sale Sonny Falcon makes fajita history with the first documented fajita sales from his Kyle, Texas concession booth.

1971 Linguistic Recognition The term “fajita” gains official recognition as it finds its place in the Oxford English Dictionary.

1982 Culinary Triumph Chef George Weidmann of Hyatt Regency, Austin introduces the sizzling sensation of fajitas to his menu, sparking resounding acclaim.”


Embark on a Fajita Culinary Adventure Embrace the spirit of National Fajita Day by preparing your own delectable fajitas! Combine vibrant bell peppers, onions, premium beef, and a mix of delightful flavors to craft a mouthwatering fusion of meat and veggies.

Indulge in Sizzling Specials Numerous eateries across the country roll out enticing offers on National Fajita Day. Locate a nearby Mexican restaurant and treat yourself to the succulent, perfectly grilled delight that is the fajita.

Explore Innovative Fajita-Inspired Creations Elevate your culinary exploration by venturing into the realm of fajita-inspired variations. From fajita-stuffed bell peppers and chicken fajita sliders to vegan sweet potato fajitas and shrimp fajita chili, there’s an array of tantalizing options to savor on this special day. Unleash your culinary creativity and let your taste buds rejoice in the endless possibilities.


  • Fajita’s Tiny Origins The term “fajita” is derived from the Spanish word “faja,” meaning “belt” or “girdle.”
  • A Humble Beginning Fajitas originated as a creative use of the less desirable cuts of beef, particularly skirt steaks.
  • Trademarked “Fajita King” In the 1970s, Sonny Falcon gained such fame from popularizing fajitas that he actually trademarked the title “Fajita King.”
  • McDonald’s Fajita Attempt In 1991, McDonald’s made a foray into the fajita world by introducing their own version of Chicken Fajitas.
  • Different Names in Mexico While known as fajitas in the U.S., grilled skirt steak is referred to as “arracheras” in Mexico.


Carnivore’s Delight The irresistible sizzle of cooking meat commands attention and ignites envy, as the enticing scents of beef, onion, garlic, and chili dance through the air, captivating all nearby.

From Modest Beginnings, Fajitas’ unpretentious origins remind us that culinary creativity can lead to remarkable outcomes.

A Culinary Fiesta Fajitas create a lively fiesta on your plate, uniting meat and veggies in a burst of flavors meant to be shared or indulged in solo – a true party for your taste buds!

National Fajita Day FAQS?

Are there any restaurants providing specials for Fajita Day?

From well-known chains like Chili’s and On the Border to local Mexican eateries, various establishments offer special deals on National Fajita Day. Check online to discover the available offers and promotions.

What ingredients are necessary to prepare Fajitas at home for Fajita Day?

You’ll require your preferred meat, tortillas, onions, peppers, and a selection of favorite toppings, such as sour cream, salsa, and guacamole.

Is National Fajita Day popular on social media?

Be sure to check out the hashtag #nationalfajitaday on Instagram and Twitter, and also follow the official pages of your favorite Mexican restaurants for updates. Enjoy the celebration!


Year Date Day

2023 August 18 Friday

2024 August 18 Sunday

2025 August 18 Monday

2026 August 18 Tuesday

2027 August 18 Wednesday”

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