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August 17 marks the annual observance of National I Love My Feet Day. Now, you might ponder the unusual celebration of feet, but perhaps the better question is, “Why not embrace it?” While feet might occasionally be labeled as unappealing, the reality is that they perform a remarkable array of functions for us as individuals. From steadfastly bearing the weight of our bodies to gallantly shouldering additional burdens like groceries and weighty loads, our feet demonstrate remarkable resilience.

Undoubtedly, feet serve as the bedrock of our physical existence, offering vital support, harmonious balance, graceful posture, and holistic well-being. They unquestionably warrant our attention and care, for they constitute the very cornerstone upon which our bodily vitality rests.


The Origins of National I Love My Feet Day:

The inception of National I Love My Feet Day can be attributed to the ingenuity of Carolyn Jenkins, who envisaged a day dedicated not only to affection for one’s feet but also to their proper care. This significance holds even greater weight for individuals grappling with diabetes or specific circulatory ailments. An alarming statistic underscores the imperative: a staggering 75% of adults encounter foot-related issues, underscoring the urgent need for proactive measures to curtail this prevalence.

The root cause of these foot maladies often traces back to ill-fitting footwear, a dilemma persisting due to a lack of awareness regarding accurate shoe sizes. The pivotal role of footwear is manifest in its potential to either sow the seeds of discomfort or sow the seeds of enduring well-being, a reality that demands deliberate consideration.

Our feet, the unsung heroes of mobility, effortlessly execute a repertoire of functions — steadfastly supporting us as we stand, walk, run, leap, and engage in sports. Their relentless dedication propels us from one realm of our lives to another, bridging the chasm between school, work, and leisurely pursuits. Amidst their tireless service, our feet stand resolute, embarking on tasks our hands could never fathom.

National I Love My Feet Day emerges as a poignant reminder, beckoning us to delve into the intricacies of our feet. It beckons us to share pearls of wisdom in foot care, impart sagacious guidance on footwear choices, and impart invaluable insights into products catering to foot health. Through spirited participation, we celebrate the untiring endeavors of our feet and vow to nurture their well-being.

The inaugural I Love My Feet Day made its debut in 2015, championed by Carolyn Jenkins, and has since become an annual tradition. As the eighth installment approaches, we prepare to honor and appreciate our steadfast companions in mobility, marking another year of acknowledging the remarkable contributions of our feet to our daily lives.


Evolution of National I Love My Feet Day:

1925 Birth of Precision: The Brannock Device comes into existence, a brainchild of Charles F. Brannock, revolutionizing the measurement of feet and unraveling the mystery of shoe sizing.

1970s A Global Sizing Standard: The International Organization for Standardization pioneers the Mondopoint System, a visionary approach to universal shoe sizing, harmonizing measurements across the world.

2015 Inaugural Commemoration: The very first “I Love My Feet Day” graces the calendar, an occasion designed to honor and cherish our tireless companions in mobility.

2022 A Modern Tradition: The contemporary realm embraces National I Love My Feet Day, an annual festivity observed on August 17, dedicated to nurturing foot health and celebrating the unsung heroes of our daily journey.


When is the ideal time to measure your feet?

For accurate measurements, it is recommended to measure your feet during the evening when they have reached their maximum expansion.

What type of medical professional is responsible for foot care?

The Podiatrist is the specialist entrusted with the care of feet and all lower leg matters.

What is the term for the upper part of the foot?

The uppermost bone of the foot is referred to as the ‘talus,’ which engages in a joint connection with the tibia and fibula, the two lower leg bones.


Engage in National I Love My Feet Day Activities:

Indulge in a Relaxing Pedicure or Foot Massage Mark the occasion with a revitalizing pedicure or a soothing foot massage, nurturing your feet’s vitality and promoting their well-being.

Embrace Comfort with New Footwear Bid farewell to ill-fitting shoes. Embrace comfort by acquiring a new pair of cozy and perfectly sized shoes, prioritizing your feet’s contentment.

Embark on a Leisurely Stroll Celebrate the day by embarking on a leisurely stroll. This simple yet effective activity aids in fortifying your foot muscles, contributing to their strength and resilience.



Discover Fascinating Facts About Feet:

  1. Intricate Architecture Feet comprise a remarkable complexity, housing around 100 muscles, 33 joints, and 26 bones, all working harmoniously to facilitate movement.
  2. The 10,000 Stride Mark An intriguing guideline suggests an average of 10,000 daily steps for optimal well-being and vitality.
  3. Swift Growth Trajectory In an astonishing feat of nature, a one-year-old’s feet measure nearly half their eventual adult size.
  4. Sweating Wonders Human feet boast a staggering 250,000 sweat glands, capable of generating half a pint of perspiration every day.
  5. A Day’s Size Swing Foot dimensions exhibit intriguing fluctuations: they attain their maximum size by day’s end and their most compact state at dawn.

Why National I Love My Feet Day Holds a Special Place in Our Hearts:

Reasons We Embrace National I Love My Feet Day:

1. Reverence for Foot Care Amidst life’s hustle, feet often fade into the background. National I Love My Feet Day emerges as a poignant nudge, urging us to prioritize their care and well-being.

2. A Shield Against Foot Woes The manifold activities orchestrated on this day contribute to a decline in foot-related issues. Massages and other dedicated practices bestow renewed vitality, ensuring the feet’s robust health.

3. Unveiling True Shoe Fit Unraveling the shoe size mystery is a pivotal stride. While many assume they possess this knowledge, the truth often diverges. The occasion reinforces the significance of precise shoe size assessments.

Reach out to Podiatrist for Feet Care.

Dates of National I Love My Feet Day:

Year Date Day

2023 August 17 Thursday

 2024 August 17 Saturday

2025 August 17 Sunday

 2026 August 17 Monday

2027 August 17 Tuesday

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