NATIONAL RUM DAY – August 16, 2023

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Celebrate National Rum Day on August 16 with a Toast to History and Flavor

Join us as we raise a glass on August 16 to commemorate National Rum Day. Here at National Today, in collaboration with Goslings Rum, we’re embracing this occasion to honor one of our cherished libations and delve into the captivating tales and cultural heritage woven into this time-honored elixir. Since the inception of the Americas, rum has played an integral role in the region’s economy, and to this day, it stands as a remarkably versatile and beloved spirit. Whether enjoyed in its classic light or dark incarnations, rum has become a key ingredient in a myriad of captivating cocktails, punches, and mixed concoctions, none more iconic than the legendary Goslings Dark ‘n Stormy.

Since 1806, the esteemed Gosling family has been distilling and crafting rum, a tradition that continues in their enchanting Bermuda home. The legacy of their Black Seal rum, which dates back to the 1850s, shines as a benchmark for dark rums, consistently securing the prestigious Gold Award for three consecutive years at the esteemed International Rum Festival. With pride, Goslings is the driving force behind National Rum Day, dedicated to sharing the captivating history and unparalleled flavors that define this cherished spirit. Join us as we revel in the rich heritage of rum and savor its timeless taste.



The Fascinating Journey of National Rum Day’s Origins

The annals of National Rum Day are intertwined with the tapestry of the Americas, a spirited saga that has left an indelible mark on the New World. Rum’s tale, dating back to the third century BCE, parallels the emergence of the American landscape, leaving an enduring impact on both its culture and history.

As 17th-century colonizers cultivated sugarcane across the Caribbean, the allure of rum began to flourish. A byproduct of sugar production, molasses, previously considered surplus, found a new purpose as it was masterfully distilled into the spirit known as “kill devil.” Initially, its high alcohol content and acquired taste earned it this moniker, but over time, advancements in fermentation and distillation techniques refined its character, making it an increasingly palatable elixir.

The linguistic roots of the term “rum” are subject to speculation, with prevailing theories suggesting a derivation from the words “rumbuillion” or “rumbustion,” both conveying a sense of upheaval—a fitting nod to the transformational nature of this spirited creation.

Rum’s allure swiftly transcended boundaries, radiating throughout the Caribbean and venturing beyond to lands like Bermuda, Nevis, and Jamaica. It burgeoned into a sought-after libation, even attaining the status of currency in some corners. Yet, this captivating narrative holds a multifaceted legacy. Amid the romanticized history lies a somber truth—much like other industries of the era, the sugar and rum trade rested upon the labor of enslaved individuals. A dark underbelly shadows its rise, intertwining it with the tragic chapters of human exploitation and suffering.

In colonial America, rum’s popularity burgeoned, shaping trade routes and economies. In a pivotal moment, the imposition of a sugar tax in the 1760s catalyzed dissent, ultimately fueling the flames of the American Revolution.

National Rum Day not only celebrates the flavors and history of this intoxicating elixir but also serves as a reminder of the complex layers that compose its story. From its roots in sugarcane fields to its far-reaching impact on global trade and revolution, rum’s legacy resonates as a testament to the intricacies of history, culture, and the human experience.


A Journey Through Time on National Rum Day

1620s A Distillation Transformation In the 1620s, the transformation of molasses, a byproduct of sugar production, into a captivating spirit marked the birth of what would soon be recognized as rum.

1655 Rum Takes the Helm The year 1655 witnessed a historic shift as rum eclipsed brandy in the preferences of the Royal Navy. The capture of Jamaica by the British navy opened the doors to domestically produced rum, leading to the adoption of rum as the daily liquor ration for sailors, supplanting the costlier brandy.

1664 Colonial America’s Inaugural Distillery The seeds of rum-making in the continental U.S. were sown in 1664 with the establishment of the first distillery on Staten Island—a crucial milestone in the evolution of this cherished spirit.

1764 Tensions Rise with the Sugar Act The year 1764 marked a turning point with the imposition of the Sugar Act, igniting significant tensions between British colonists and the motherland due to taxes on sugar and molasses.

1806 Gosling’s Bermuda Odyssey In 1806, James Gosling, a wine and spirits merchant en route from England to America, found himself in port at St. George’s, Bermuda. Fate intervened, leading him to establish his business on the island—a pivotal moment in the legacy of Goslings Rum.

1850s Unveiling “Old Rum” The 1850s witnessed the debut of a proprietary blend known as “old rum,” meticulously crafted by the Gosling family. This secret concoction, a fusion of three rums aged in once-used bourbon barrels, revealed the family’s commitment to crafting unparalleled libations.

1914 A Symbolic Seal Emerges As time marched on, a captivating transformation emerged. The iconic “Black Seal” emblem, inspired by the captivating art of barrel juggling, found its place in the annals of history. This rebranding marked the evolution of the name, ushering in the era of Goslings Black Seal Rum.

National Rum Day takes us on a captivating voyage through centuries, from molasses to maritime traditions, and the artistry of distillation. As we raise a glass on this occasion, we pay homage to the remarkable journey that has shaped the world of rum.


What distinguishes light, dark, and golden rum from one another lies in their unique characteristics and aging processes.

The distinctions between light, dark, and golden rum hinge primarily on the aging duration. Light rums undergo minimal aging, if any. Dark rums, on the other hand, mature for a span of 5-10 years, influenced by climatic conditions. Golden rum falls between the two, experiencing a more extended aging period than light rum, yet not quite as prolonged as its dark counterpart.

Is Rum High in Sugar?/ Does rum have a lot of sugar?

Despite its origin from a sugar byproduct, premium rums possess no more residual sugar post-distillation than other types of liquors.

Which liquor is most suited for the summer season?

When the heat is on, almost any refreshment can hit the spot. However, the undisputed champions of summer libations are cocktails crafted from rum. In a comprehensive nationwide poll, a resounding 26% of Americans voiced their preference for rum-based drinks to beat the summer heat.



Indulge in a Cocktail Extravaganza Naturally, the centerpiece of your celebrations should be a captivating cocktail. Whether it’s a chilled creation in a glass, elegantly sipped neat, or a frosty masterpiece garnished with whimsical umbrellas, rum encapsulates the very essence of summer. Embrace the spirit of adventure by exploring new concoctions, adding a splash of novelty to your summer experience.

Embrace the Spirit of the High Seas Rum boasts a storied maritime heritage, resonating with sailors traversing exotic island harbors such as Jamaica, Bermuda, and the Bahamas. Delve into the allure of pirate legends and maritime history by toasting to your favorite privateer with a cocktail that transports you to a bygone era—eye patch optional.

Embark on a Culinary Voyage with Rum Extend your exploration beyond the glass and into the kitchen, where rum takes center stage in a fiery culinary journey. Elevate your gastronomic repertoire with dishes that transform rum from a beverage to a captivating ingredient. From timeless classics like rum raisin pie and spiced rum cake to the dramatic flambe of bananas foster, unleash your culinary creativity and savor the sweet, spirited essence of rum-infused delicacies.

This National Rum Day, immerse yourself in a medley of flavors, history, and creativity as you celebrate the enduring allure of this beloved spirit.


Our adoration for National Rum Day is fueled by a medley of captivating reasons:

A Versatile Elixir Like No Other Rum, across epochs, has emerged as a remarkably versatile elixir. It seamlessly blends into a tapestry of punches and cocktails, each a masterpiece of creativity. It shines elegantly when sipped neat, and tantalizes the senses when enjoyed on the rocks—ultimately weaving a symphony of flavors to suit every preference.

An Unparalleled Spectrum of Flavors While whiskey often basks in the spotlight of discerning palates, aged rum steps forward with a complexity of flavors that beguiles even the most refined gourmands. From its enchanting smokiness to earthy undertones, and the symphony of vanilla and caramel notes, aged rum provides an exquisite canvas for food enthusiasts to delight in.

A Tale Woven with the Americas Rum’s captivating history mirrors the very narrative of the Americas. Its journey echoes through the annals of time, entwined with the sugarcane trade, the complex legacy of slavery, the pivotal American Revolution, and the blossoming economies of neighboring islands, with Bermuda standing as a prominent example.

National Rum Day Dates

 Year Date Day

2023 August 16 Wednesday

 2024 August 16 Friday

2025 August 16 Saturday

 2026 August 16 Sunday

 2027 August 16 Monday

National Rum Day epitomizes a celebration of heritage, flavor, and versatility, inviting us to raise our glasses to a libation that has seamlessly woven itself into the vibrant tapestry of culture and history.

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