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On August 10, we celebrate National Shapewear Day, a delightful holiday dedicated to expressing gratitude for the beloved fashion item adored and embraced by countless individuals. The Pink Room was founded on this day in 2017 with the noble aim of celebrating and spreading awareness about the continuous progress and advantages of foundation garments. Shapewear, a beloved undergarment, empowers people by instilling confidence and enhancing beauty, providing a smoothing and slimming effect that makes everyone feel fabulous and self-assured. Let’s join in the festivities and acknowledge the wonders of shapewear on this special occasion!


National Shapewear Day, celebrated on August 10, is a day dedicated to expressing gratitude for these confidence-boosting garments that have been enhancing people’s appearance for centuries. The roots of shapewear can be traced back to the early days of clothing development in human civilization, with ancient drawings showing women adorned with corset-like garments during Greek and Roman times. Over the centuries, corsets and shaping undergarments became essential fashion items, especially during the 16th century, where they played a significant role in defining fashion trends, particularly among royalty.

As time progressed, fashion evolved, and so did shapewear. In the 21st century, modern shapewear has undergone remarkable transformations. Unlike the restrictive and impractical shapewear of the past, contemporary designs now prioritize comfort and flexibility, using advanced materials that provide support while allowing for ease of movement. With a wide array of styles and shapes available, modern shapewear can effectively target various areas of the body, such as the stomach, thighs, or arms, giving individuals a polished and sleek appearance that boosts their self-confidence.

The versatility of shapewear makes it an ideal choice for various occasions, as it can be discreetly worn underneath most types of clothing. Whether it’s smoothing out curves or providing gentle support, shapewear has become a valuable tool for many, helping them feel more self-assured and at ease in their daily lives. National Shapewear Day recognizes the significant role these garments play in enhancing body confidence and celebrates their continued relevance and adaptability in the modern world.


Celebrate National Shapewear Day with these exciting activities:

  1. Embrace Shapewear: Experience the magic of shapewear firsthand by wearing it! Slip into your favorite outfit with the support of shapewear, and revel in the confidence it brings, making you feel smoother and more fabulous.
  2. Shop for New Styles: Explore the world of shapewear fashion and treat yourself to new designs that match your preferences. With a wide range of options available, you can find trendy pieces that suit your style and enhance your wardrobe.
  3. Spread the Joy: Share the love for shapewear with your friends and loved ones. Consider gifting them shapewear or sending a thoughtful gift card, allowing them to discover the benefits of this confidence-boosting undergarment. They’ll appreciate your gesture and may find a new appreciation for shapewear themselves.

On National Shapewear Day, let’s celebrate the positive impact these garments have on our appearance and confidence, making us feel fantastic inside and out!


Discover these fascinating facts about shapewear:

  1. Size Reduction: Shapewear can work wonders on your figure, reducing dress sizes by one to three sizes. It helps create a smooth silhouette, making clothes fit better and enhancing your overall appearance.
  2. Historical Steel Corsets: In the 16th century, corsets were made of steel, resembling what could be perceived as torture devices. Women of that era endured discomfort in the pursuit of the fashionable hourglass figure.
  3. Sweat-Inducing Materials: Modern shapewear utilizes advanced materials like neoprene, which can increase sweating. This sweating effect can aid in melting unnecessary fat and promoting a more sculpted appearance.
  4. Posture Improvement: Some types of shapewear, particularly those designed for the waist, can provide valuable support to your back and help improve your posture. By maintaining proper alignment, shapewear contributes to better spinal health.
  5. Marilyn Monroe’s Girdle: Even iconic celebrities embraced the benefits of shapewear. A girdle belonging to the legendary Marilyn Monroe was sold at an auction in 2010, highlighting the enduring popularity of shapewear across different eras.


  1. Raising Awareness: National Shapewear Day plays a crucial role in increasing awareness about these confidence-boosting garments. It educates people about the benefits of shapewear, encouraging them to try it and feel more self-assured.
  2. Appreciating the Makers: The holiday also serves as a way to show appreciation and support to the makers of shapewear. Recognizing their efforts and craftsmanship fosters a sense of pride in their work.
  3. Fostering Conversations: National Shapewear Day sparks conversations about shapewear, leading to valuable discussions and feedback. These dialogues can drive improvements and innovations in the design and functionality of shapewear.


  • 2023: August 10, Thursday
  • 2024: August 10, Saturday
  • 2025: August 10, Sunday
  • 2026: August 10, Monday
  • 2027: August 10, Tuesday


What is the history of women’s shapewear?

Ans:-The origins of women’s shapewear can be traced back to ancient times, specifically around 1,600 BC during the Mycenaean Greek era. In those days, the people of ancient Crete, who resided on the island of Crete prior to the Athenian invasion, appreciated and celebrated the beauty of the female body. They crafted undergarments designed to accentuate and highlight the waist, hips, and breasts, embracing and enhancing the natural curves of women.

Who needs shapewear?

Ans:-Shapewear offers numerous benefits to women, providing support and addressing various concerns. It helps prevent issues like humpback, flat bosom, bosom prolapse, pail waist, flat hip, prominent appetite, turnip leg, and bulky leg. Additionally, women dealing with bladder prolapse can also find relief with shapewear, as it offers gentle lift and appropriate support. Shapewear is a versatile solution that caters to a wide range of needs and enhances overall body confidence.

What does shapewear do?

Ans:-Shapewear works by utilizing compression, strategic materials, seam placement, and paneling to achieve a smooth and sleek silhouette under clothing. It effectively smooths out any lumps or bumps, gently compresses and sculpts the body, providing a more comfortable and flattering fit for your clothes. Ultimately, shapewear helps you feel confident and look amazing in any outfit.

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