Christian Horner hilariously responds to David Coulthard’s application to replace Daniel Ricciardo

David Coulthard’s application to replace Daniel Ricciardo:

In a comical twist, David Coulthard has humorously submitted his application to stand in for Daniel Ricciardo at the Dutch Grand Prix. However, his aspiration to replace reserve driver Liam Lawson remains a lighthearted hope.

Ricciardo’s absence from the Zandvoort weekend follows his unfortunate collision with the barrier at the high-banked Turn 3 during the second practice session. This mishap led to a potential six-week recovery period due to a fractured metacarpal.

During the incident, Ricciardo found himself trailing behind his fellow Australian, Oscar Piastri, who had just experienced a crash on the track. Given the circumstances, Ricciardo humorously described his decision-making process as a choice between colliding with Piastri or the trackside wall.

‘Dear Christian Horner’, wrote David Coulthard

He opted to collide with the barrier, but due to time constraints, he couldn’t withdraw his hands from the steering wheel, resulting in the impact on his hand.

This development has left AlphaTauri in need of a third teammate for Yuki Tsunoda this season, as Coulthard humorously threw his hat into the ring for the position.

“Dear Christian Horner, I kindly request your attention to my PowerPoint presentation outlining my suitability as Daniel’s reserve driver,” wrote the former Red Bull driver in an Instagram post.

Entitled ‘Reasons Supporting My Candidacy as Daniel’s Reserve Driver’ by David Coulthard (aged 52), the presentation proceeded to outline four key points:

  1. Demonstrated track speed
  2. Achieved Red Bull’s inaugural podium
  3. Established rapport with the engineers
  4. Potentially becoming the 7th oldest F1 driver ever

Despite the inevitable concern for his driver’s well-being, Horner took the humor in Coulthard’s jesting in stride. Unexpectedly, his response held a positive tone, albeit with a twist.

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