WORLD GREATNESS DAY – August 15, 2023 

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Every year on August 15, World Greatness Day takes center stage. Professor Patrick Businge founded this occasion as a tribute to the remarkable aspects of existence. This celebration directs our focus toward the individuals who have left a profound imprint on our journey. Whether it’s a parent, a friend, or even a beloved pet, this day stands as our opportunity to extend gratitude and appreciation to these special souls. Beyond all else, it’s a day designated for introspection on your own brilliance. Businge’s belief underscores that each person possesses the potential for greatness and emphasizes the paramount importance of nurturing confidence and self-worth, empowering individuals to radiate their own greatness to the world.


The Evolution of World Greatness Day

Annually observed on August 15, World Greatness Day’s history is rooted in its registration within the National Day Archives. Dr. Patrick Businge, the author of the book “Greatness Code,” initiated this occasion to offer a platform for expressing gratitude towards the exceptional individuals in one’s life. This day signifies a celebration of people, businesses, places, pets, and all things extraordinary that enrich our lives. Beyond appreciation, the day holds a greater purpose in encouraging individuals to uncover and nurture their own latent greatness.

Dr. Businge, a distinguished professor who has imparted knowledge to over 50,000 individuals across the United Kingdom, Europe, Africa, and North America, has earned ten postgraduate qualifications from diverse universities, a testament to his constant self-improvement journey.

A Catalyst for Greatness

The foundation of Greatness University, established by Dr. Patrick Businge, epitomizes his convictions. This unique institution champions the belief that inherent greatness resides within everyone and has the potential to leave a lasting impact. The university’s mission is to unearth and cultivate this inherent greatness within individuals, empowering them to translate it into tangible success. Their transformative approach, known as ‘greatnisation,’ involves a three-stage process—identification, research, and organization—where individuals are guided towards embracing and declaring their own greatness.

The annual compendium titled the “World Book of Greatness” documents the names of these exceptional individuals. The university further educates and guides individuals on the path of greatness through various publications like “Greatness Code,” “Beatitudes of Greatness,” and “Les Brown Changed Our Lives.”

Embracing the Journey

With a commitment to continuous growth, Greatness University offers a range of opportunities, including sessions led by Dr. Businge himself. Their mission remains steadfast: to foster a constant pursuit of greatness, ensuring that individuals realize and actualize their true potential.


Engaging Activities for World Greatness Day

  1. Celebrate the Champions in Your Life Diverse avenues await to celebrate those who’ve left an indelible mark on your journey. Gather the remarkable individuals who’ve touched your life for a heartfelt get-together. Share your gratitude through warm conversations, heartfelt cards, or a simple call to say, ‘Thank you.’
  2. Uncover Your Own Brilliance While the path to self-discovery may entail multiple steps, seize this day for introspection and contemplate your unique greatness. Explore your potential and envision the contributions you can make to the world. Even if you haven’t fully realized it, remember that there’s ample time to unveil your brilliance to the world.
  3. Immerse Yourself in the “Greatness Code” “Greatness Code,” penned by Patrick Businge, stands as a beacon guiding you towards discovering and nurturing your inner greatness. Embark on a journey of self-exploration by obtaining a copy from your local bookstore or an online platform. Who knows? Within its pages, you might stumble upon the keys to unlocking your own greatness.


5 Key Insights About Greatness

  1. Consistency is Key A pivotal factor in attaining greatness lies in maintaining unwavering consistency. The foundation is built upon setting goals and persistently striving towards their achievement, regardless of encountering repeated setbacks.
  2. Vision Fuels Greatness Realizing greatness necessitates a clear, unwavering vision. Belief in this vision serves as the driving force propelling individuals toward their desired level of achievement.
  3. Embrace Mistakes Rather than fearing missteps, accomplished individuals embrace them as stepping stones to growth. Mistakes are viewed as valuable opportunities for learning and development.
  4. Leadership is Not a Prerequisite The realm of greatness is not confined to leaders alone; followers too can embody greatness. Regardless of your role, greatness can manifest through your actions and contributions.
  5. Prioritize Self-Care While success is important, it need not come at the expense of well-being. Recognize that rejuvenation is integral; stepping back and indulging in relaxation can lead to renewed strength. By granting your mind and body the rest they deserve, you can bounce back even more resiliently.


Reasons to Embrace World Greatness Day

  1. Valuing Unsung Heroes World Greatness Day serves as a poignant reminder to cherish those who’ve left an impact on our lives. Amid life’s hustle, we often overlook their kindness and support. A simple yet profound gesture like expressing gratitude can illuminate their significance.
  2. Celebrating Life’s Simple Joys Among life’s complexities lie the simple joys that often escape our notice. This day prompts us to recognize the significance of these moments – whether it’s a warm hug from a friend or the companionship of a pet – and fosters appreciation for the interconnections that enrich our lives.
  3. Beyond Self-Discovery World Greatness Day delves deeper than self-discovery; it delves into comprehending our unique essence and fostering self-appreciation. Recognizing our distinctiveness and acknowledging the value we bring to the world stands at its core.

World Greatness Day Dates

Year Date Day

2023 August 15 Tuesday

 2024 August 15 Thursday

2025 August 15 Friday

2026 August 15 Saturday

 2027 August 15 Sunday


Does greatness mean success?

Does greatness equate to success? Greatness represents a higher state, and success emerges from this greatness.

What are the qualities of greatness?

What are the attributes of greatness? Confidence, optimism, determination, and humility are among the qualities associated with greatness.

What is the importance of greatness?

Recognizing the significance of greatness involves making a positive impact on both yourself and those in your surroundings.

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